Thursday, March 29 

Blogger – Jared Thiessen

It’s Brandon University Kid’s Day at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, and entertainment abounds.  You didn’t have to look too hard to find it, and I had a chance to see shows put on by both Tim Holland the Stunt Ventriloquist as well as HOJA acapella group. The singers are all Canadian and their names are Matt Deroche, Mat Andre and Jeff Follis. HOJA’s show was amazing, blending smooth harmony with present day contemporary music. Their show included covers of famous songs such as Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Matt Deroche says they all thought singing was a great opportunity. “I think for all three of us, when we found out there was an opportunity to do music as a full-time gig, to get paid to do shows on regular basis, it was too wonderful and opportunity to pass up.” Jeff mentioned that song selection was huge, noting they took a long look at what songs would get a good response from this audience. “We have quite a few songs in our repertoire, and when we did the Fair, it was a matter of what songs would be appropriate for a Fair setting. Matt also mentioned that Fairs are a lot of fun for the whole group. “Doing Fairs is always a blast, you know, for us, we get booked by a production company and they let us know this is an opportunity we could have, but the ability come out and rock out with a whole boat load of different people, the sheer number of people that will come through this door, you know, throughout this week is pretty amazing to be able to perform for all of them.” Looking at the events for the rest of the day, as well as tomorrow, the big events for tonight is the ATCO Cup for show jumping which gives the winners a total of $15,000! And of course, going on tonight, we have the President’s Choice Super Dogs, which have been well-received all week so far, and after that, we’ve got the Canadian Tire Four Horse Team Championship and Hackney Pony Pleasure Championship. For tomorrow, Klondike Showmanship & Steer Show from 10 until Noon. Tim Holland the Stunt Ventriloquist along with HOJA and Jherrad Cumming will take over MNP Hall at 11:30 and Doodles the Clown, James Johnson Magical Daredevil Comedy Show and Norman Foote set up their shows in the Amphitheatre. It’s been a great week so far, and it’s only going to get better.

Blogger – Darrian Wrightson

2018 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair has partnered with ACC’s Interactive Media Arts program to bring you a daily blog from the fair! Read below for fair updates and photos. We’re into the fourth day of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair here at the Keystone Centre and the fun and excitement is still going strong. Thursday marks the Brandon University Kid’s Day here at the fair and there is plenty of things going on for kids and their parents. But one of the main features of today is sure to be a hit with people of all ages. Fred Penner is playing the amphitheatre today at 1:30 and 4:30 and I’ve seen excited faces from everyone who’s seen him passing by whether they be toddlers or in their twenties. I had a moment to talk with Fred and he’s looking forward to his performance and to checking out the rest of the fair between shows. “My favourite part of the fair is the horses, I love animals. Looking at the bertrands and the clydesdales. Just these massive creatures of this planet here. It’s exciting to see them. I’ll wander around and get a feel for the event, it’s sort of like a 4H club expanded many, many times but its a fabulous festival.” His show is sure to be a hit for everyone in attendance and if he’s looking for a sandwich he’ll have to look no further than some of the pulled pork on a bun at the Montana’s booth, or one of the delicious gyros by the Manitoba room. There’s more than enough food to satisfy anyone’s cravings whether it be mini-donuts, donairs, or slices of fudge. So it’s a great day to come down to the fair if you’re a kid, or just a kid at heart, it’s sure to be a great time!