Tuesday, March 27
Blogger – Jared Thiessen

Today was a day for clowning around, and as Doodles the Clown said, many times, it was “unbelievable.” The day started off with Hunter Jumper Horse Show opens at 7:30, and it only got busier from there. The heavy draft teams rounded out the activities of the morning leading into the 11:30 time slot, which was kicked off by none other than the always popular clown, Doodles. The kids couldn’t get enough of the fair fixture, and he had them yelling all kinds of things, from his catchphrase, “unbelievable”, to “Hey baby” and “I want to Know,” lines from a song he plays constantly in the background of his show. In talking with me after the show, he said, “The families are unbelievable here. They just make me feel like I’m welcomed, and they’re just a beautiful audience.” One of his favourite things to do is to ask kids to help him with his shows, and he had one girl help him change colours on two different rags, too which the crowd yelled, “Unbelievable!” “I just look forward to it every year, and I can’t wait to be back.”  The other big event of the day, of course, was the President’s Choice Super Dogs. The Super Dogs are always a highlight, especially for the kids, and they always get the crowd really into it. This year’s show was a lot of fun, with events like NASCAR races, which involved dividing the room in two and having the different sides cheer for two teams of dogs. There’s a lot of great stuff still going on tonight, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it. The Super Dogs will take to the main arena again after the big event, the Manitoba Cup Show Jumping, which gives out a prize of fifteen thousand dollars! The four-horse tandem team is always popular, and that one will get going pretty soon after the show jumping. Barrel racing will get going tonight as well to keep fans entertained. As for tomorrow, there will be .9 Jumper Speed starting up at 9 o’clock along with shows from Doodles the Clown and James Johnson’s Magical Daredevil Comedy Show, and Tim Holland the Stunt Ventriloquist. If there was a day of shows you don’t want to miss at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, it’s tonight and tomorrow.

Blogger – Darrian Wrightson

It’s day two of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair at the Keystone Centre and the halls are already filling up with excited crowds from all over the prairie’s. With dozens of events, hundreds of vendors, and thousands in attendance, there’s plenty to see and do. Today also marks the 4H Celebration day and hundreds of young men and women from across Manitoba have gathered to enjoy seminars on cattle grooming and preparation and meet other members of one of Manitoba’s most popular youth group. But the 4H is more than just agriculture and as Honourable Ralph Eichler told me, the organization played a vital role in making him the man he is today. “A lot of 4H members and students get involved in the Beef Club and are able to grow an animal and sell and I remember myself being involved with 4H, I was able to sell that steer or heifer and make some money and pay my through college. It was a good saving plan for me and also made me learn that I had to work to make enough money to pay my through college. Without 4H I probably wouldn’t be the minister of agriculture today.” But for those not in the 4H there is still plenty going on for people of all ages. Show jumping kicked off this morning at 7:30AM and demonstrations by Christine Little and Top Spot Stables taking place at 2:30PM. And Doodles the Clown will be entertaining crowds of all ages in the Amphitheatre at 1 and 3:30PM. If you’re looking to listen to some great and unique music then I’d be sure to check out HOJA the three man acapella group as they perform some classic music and today’s hits with nothing but their voices and some mics.  The highlight of my day is sure to be all the great food from the dozens of food vendors scattered throughout the arena. From gyros and lemonade to pork sandwiches and donuts, there’s enough food to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.