We are currently recruiting talent to perform at our fairs! If you have a entertaining talent that you want to share whether it's singing, dancing, painting or any other kind of craft or art, contact Kristen at kristen@provincialex.com with details and a demo of your talent.






The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba is a non-profit, charitable Ag society with the purpose of showcasing agriculture and linking urban and rural through education and awareness. Governed by a board of 39 volunteer directors and 8 full time staff, the Provincial Exhibition produces three annual events a year, the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, the Manitoba Summer Fair and Manitoba AG EX. With an annual estimated $15 million dollar total economic impact, the events produced by the Provincial Exhibition have a significant impact on the entire economy of Brandon as well as promoting job creation, supporting investment and growth of existing businesses and creating opportunities for new business.  Click here to learn more about us. 

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2019 Annual Shareholders Meeting & Election of Directors - Tuesday, January 29 7:30 PM Dome Building 1200-13th St. 

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Media Releases 

10.27.18  MB AG EX Wraps up With another Successful Year
10.15.18 Mayor Chrest Declares Oct. 22 - Oct. 28 BEEF WEEK in Brandon
10.12.18  Agriculture Education is Priority at Manitoba AG EX
10.01.18 BMO Manitoba Farm Family Award returning to the 2019 RMWF
 09.12.18  Display Building No.II Celebrated with Grand Opening
 06.10.18 The 2018 Manitoba Summer Fair Wraps Up for Another Year
 06.01.18 The Manitoba Summer Fair June 6 - 10 is a Unique Spectacle
  04.30.18 The Manitoba Summer Fair adds New Partnerships and New Attractions
January  - March 2018

Restoration of Display Building No. II

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