The Royal Tradeshow is one of Westman’s largest indoor Food & Lifestyle tradeshows including commercial displays and a wide variety of unique foods and products. Talk with local tourism providers to plan your next staycation, browse through a variety of tack shops, pick up a new outfit and purchase one of a kind home décor. Contact our Tradeshow manager for details on how you can get involved in our fairs. 


2020 Manuals & Applications

RMWF Concessionaire Manual 2020 11 27

RMWF Concessionaire App 2020


RMWF Exhibitors Manual 2020 11 27

RMWF Exhibitors App 2020



2020 UCT Pavilion

2020 Manitoba Room

2020 Main Street

2020 Main Concourse

2020 Blue Hallway

2020 Arena Concourse

Exhibitors Lists

2014-2019 Exhibitors Lists

2020 RMWF Exhibitor List


Horse Show 

2020 Horse Show Information



2019 Horse Show Results 

The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is Manitoba’s #1 indoor equestrian event and draws the top exhibitors. Multiple shows and classes take place each day in the Westoba Ag Centre and in Westman Place Main Arena. Contact  our Ag office at for more details.

Cattle Show

The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair offers an opportunity to future cattle industry leaders to showcase their very own breeding programs. Contact us at for more details.

2020 RMWF Cattle Show Forms

2020 Cattle Show Prize Book

2020 Cattle Waiver Form

RMWF 2020 Cattle - Entry Form

2020 Royal Lady - Entry Form


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2019 RMWF Cattle Show Results 

Pork Quality Competition

2019 Pork Quality Results

Congratulations to Grand Champion winner  - Plainview North Colony. Their donation of choice is the Moosomin Union Hospital.

The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is home to the annual Pork Quality competition.  This competition celebrates excellence in pork production, competing carcasses are graded and judged on the perfect combination of meat, quality traits and measurements. The first and second place carcasses are donated to the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts at Assiniboine Community College where students can practice their skills with Grand Champion Pork. Third, fourth and fifth place are donated to local food banks.

Prize money is split between the winning exhibitors and the charity of their choice.  The presentation of awards and their charities takes place at the Pork Quality Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, March 27th in the MNP Convention Hall.  Doors open at 11:30 am with lunch at noon.

Contact the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba at for more details.

46th annual Fiddlers' Contest 

The Royal Fiddle contest presented by Victoria Landing brings together musicians of all ages. Offering a variety of classes, this event covers traditional and current trends in the fiddle music industry. For more information contact us at 

2019 RMWF Fiddlers' Contest Results


2020 Calf and Pig Scramble


Calf Scrambles Rules

Pig Scramble Rules

Deadline February 28th, 2020